Drugs like fentanyl and carfentanil are extremely dangerous and are becoming more common. Fentanyl drug labs are increasing in Canada and can be found just about anywhere: in houses and apartments, hotel rooms, rented vehicles, travel trailers and even abandoned buildings. They can cause sickness and death even in residual quantities when exposed.

We have acquired the technology and provide services to conduct on-site testing to confirm illicit drug contamination. Our testing offers detection of narcotics and analysis in seconds and delivers extremely reliable results.

Our services include testing for trace amounts of unknown illicit drugs. If tests results are positive, we utilize our approved remediation process to decontaminate the affected areas.

After decontamination, we will test again to make sure that the decontamination has been 100% successful. This provides peace of mind that no hazards remain. Clearance testing and analysis report are issued upon completion.

Our fentanyl remediation process goes above and beyond our clients’ expectations.

If you suspect that there is a clandestine fentanyl lab operation, leave the area immediately; do not investigate; do not enter the premises; Contact your local police – 911.

Fentanyl Safety For First Responders

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