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1st Trauma Scene Clean Up provides prompt, comprehensive and compassionate trauma and crime scene cleanup services.

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After tragic events such as homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, infectious disease outbreaks, accidents, and other biohazard scenarios, we assist families, businesses, and communities throughout British Columbia with 24/7 professional and empathetic biohazard cleaning services.

We are crime scene cleaners committed to restoring the health and safety of your home or place of work, which is why we provide a prompt emergency response around the clock, 365 days a year. No matter when you need our assistance, we are here to provide it.

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It is essential that crime scenes and other areas impacted by traumatic events be cleaned and sanitized as quickly as possible. Biological material has the potential to be harmful to an individual’s health. When cleaning up after trauma, our ABRA-certified professionals always utilize appropriate levels of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), chemicals, equipment, and cleaning methods.

Technicians at 1st Trauma Scene Clean Up are trained to address the technical hurdles and requirements connected with cleaning crime and trauma scenes. They are used to working in situations that may cause standard cleaning staff to become anxious or uncomfortable.

Site-specific risk assessments are carried out on every job site to ensure a safe environment for anyone present at the project location.

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