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Homicide and suicide cleanup

Encountering a homicide or suicide scene can be a very traumatic and challenging experience.

Our job at 1st Trauma Scene Clean Up is to help alleviate the unnecessary stress of these tragedies. Our team of highly trained cleaning professionals is ready at all times to respond to and remediate these circumstances. We are dedicated to providing discreet and prompt services to assist you.

Prompt & Confidential Unattended Death Cleanup Services

In the aftermath of traumatic events like homicides and suicides, the road to healing begins with restoration. We understand the gravity of these situations and the importance of a meticulous, empathetic, and swift cleanup process.

We don’t just clean; we restore spaces, erase the physical remnants of tragedy, and pave the way for emotional recovery.

First Step: How Suicide and Homicide Cleaning Services Work

Our team has undergone thorough training and is well-equipped to analyze the scene and initiate the complex remediation process promptly, preventing further harm to the impacted space. 

Our Certified Technicians work to contain the affected area, removing all traces of bodily fluids and damage from decomposition, reducing cross-contamination, and eliminating the chance of harmful pathogens and diseases that can develop from the scene.

Having more than five decades of experience in trauma and death scene cleanup, our clients have chosen us for our proven expertise in providing prompt, professional cleanup services. Our team provides immediate relief to our clients from these traumatic circumstances from the moment we arrive —100% customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

Why it’s important to Call Professional Suicide and Homicide Cleaners

Aside from a psychologically traumatizing experience, suicide can also be dangerous. Numerous diseases carried by human blood can be a potential threat to others. Suicide cleanup consists of meticulous procedures to sanitize the scene to ensure it is left safe. Without the proper sanitization materials and equipment, there can be traces of harmful pathogens left over that ordinary cleaners may not be equipped to handle.

There are many risks associated with cleaning up blood and other bodily fluids; it is highly recommended that professionals with proper protective gear and equipment complete the job.

Biohazard cleaning requires an exceptional amount of diligence, training, and compassion. Your health and safety are our top priority.

Contact us for compassionate, comprehensive, and discreet trauma scene cleanup services. Let us help you restore peace amidst chaos.

We are Your Reliable Partner In Challenging Times