Vacant Homeless Camp Cleanup

The process of a homeless camp cleanup may be extremely challenging for everyone involved, and the growing number of homeless individuals is making it more difficult for property owners to maintain clean and secure environments on their premises.

Cleanup services of Vacant homeless camps in Vancouver, BC

Attempting to remove a vacant homeless camp on your own presents risks, it is time-consuming, and can be expensive; therefore, it requires professional crews and the right tools for the job.

At 1st Trauma Scene Clean Up, we have the training and knowledge necessary to safely remove debris and return your property to its former condition in accordance with local regulations.

Although we provide our services for cleaning up homeless camps, it is important to note that the local authority is responsible for dealing with informal settlements located in public areas or public property. We can only clean up a place after it has been vacated and are not responsible for the removal of persons or personal property.

We suggest that you call the City Hall if you are having problems with unlawful encampments on public property near your place of business or house.

Trash Collection from homeless camps

Homeless camps or encampments are a problem in many cities in Canada and individuals living in them frequently leave behind trash, hazardous waste, and other materials that require the assistance of professionals to clean up.

1st Trauma Scene Clean Up can offer you cleanup services for vacant homeless camps promptly and efficiently. We will adjust our work hours to accommodate your busy schedule in order to fulfill your requirements in a timely manner while maintaining the high standard of quality service that we are known for.

Our team is trained in all aspects of the job, including the removal of human waste, drug paraphernalia, and other hazardous materials. Vacant camps have the potential to pose a serious risk to public health and safety as well as have an adverse effect on the surrounding ecosystem as they typically have significant volumes of trash, human waste, and hazardous items. In order to maintain the cleanliness and security of your property, our crew goes to great lengths to remove all potentially dangerous items, garbage, and other types of potentially infectious waste.

1st Trauma Scene Clean Up can also assist you with cleaning up after an accident, or other traumatic event. We are experts in cleaning up crime and trauma scenes, hoarding situations, as well as removing biohazards.

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