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homeless camp cleanup

At 1st Trauma Scene Clean Up, we have the experience, training, and knowledge necessary to safely remove and dispose of encampment materials.

We work collaboratively with cities and municipalities throughout the Lower Mainland to return our communities to their previous state in accordance with local regulations.

We are sensitive to the challenges of those experiencing homelessness and conduct ourselves compassionately and professionally in the cleanup of homeless camps.

What should you do when you encounter a homeless camp in Vancouver, BC

Homeless camp cleanup work can present physical risks to anyone not properly trained.

We suggest that you communicate first with the local City Hall if you are having problems with unlawful encampments on public property near your place of business or house. Attempting to remove a vacant homeless camp on your own presents risks, it is time-consuming, and can be expensive; therefore, it requires professional crews and the right tools for the job. 

Homeless camps or encampments are a problem in many cities in Canada and individuals living in them frequently leave behind trash, hazardous waste, and other materials that require the assistance of professionals to clean up.

If you need help cleaning up a homeless camp, 1st Trauma Scene Clean Up is here for you. We are able to fit your busy schedule so that we can respond quickly to your requirements without sacrificing the superior level of service for which we are known.

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