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What is hoarding?

Hoarding is the excessive collection and retention of items until they interfere with day-to-day functions such as home, health, family, work, and social life. This condition, when severe, may cause serious health and safety hazards. The collection of newspapers, magazines, food, old clothes, and other items may cause fires while animals can spread contagious diseases.

This behavior can have profound effects on individuals, causing distress, anxiety, and an overwhelming sense of attachment to possessions. It doesn’t just affect the hoarder but also impacts their families, often straining relationships and creating an unsafe environment. 

1st Hoarding Clean Up / 1st Trauma Scene Clean Up work diligently to offer support, organizing solutions, and a structured approach to decluttering, fostering a safe and habitable living space while prioritizing the emotional well-being of our clients and their families. 

Our hoarding cleanup and decluttering services aim to provide compassionate and comprehensive assistance to individuals and families impacted by hoarding tendencies. Hoarding is a complex psychological disorder characterized by the excessive accumulation of items, leading to severely cluttered living spaces. Our experienced team at 1st Hoarding Clean Up understands the sensitivity and challenges surrounding hoarding situations. 

We offer a variety of clean-up services:

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