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An unattended death is when a person dies without anyone present to witness the end or provide immediate assistance. These deaths are typically discovered after some time, often when concerned family members, friends, neighbors, or authorities become aware of the individual’s absence or notice unusual circumstances.

At 1st Trauma Scene Cleanup, we recognize that dealing with the aftermath of body decomposition is an emotional process. When a body undergoes decomposition, it releases potentially harmful biohazards and can pose serious health risks. Our specialized team is trained to handle these situations with the utmost care and expertise. We are committed to restoring the affected area and supporting those dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event.

Cleaning Up After a Death – How It Works

The cleanup process has five stages:

Step 1: Assessment and Planning Before beginning the cleanup process, our experienced team thoroughly assesses the scene. This involves evaluating the extent of the decomposition, identifying potential hazards, and developing a comprehensive cleanup plan. We prioritize safety and ensure that all necessary precautions are taken.

Step 2: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Safety is our top priority. Our technicians wear specialized PPE, such as full-body suits, gloves, masks, and respirators, to protect themselves from potential biohazards and airborne contaminants. we recommend that you do not enter the area without proper respiratory protection due to the possible presence of airborne bacteria and viruses

Step 3: Removal and Disposal We carefully remove all decomposed matter, contaminated materials, and bodily fluids from the scene. Our team utilizes specialized equipment and techniques to ensure a thorough and safe cleanup. Biohazard disposal regulations handle all waste.

Everything must be removed and/or chemically treated and then sealed. Cleaning the exterior flooring can just be the beginning of a decomposition job. The odour and fluids from the body can travel and seep through carpeting, flooring, behind baseboards and into the wood or concrete structures.

Step 4: Cleaning and Decontamination Once the hazardous materials are removed, we meticulously clean and disinfect the affected area. We use hospital-grade cleaning agents and advanced disinfection methods to ensure the space is free from any remaining contaminants.

Step 5: Odor Neutralization Body decomposition often leaves strong odours that can be overwhelming and distressing. Our team employs effective odour-neutralizing techniques to eliminate these odours, ensuring a clean and habitable environment.

If you are facing the aftermath of body decomposition and need professional assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you navigate this challenging process and restore your space to a safe and clean environment. Please contact us here or by calling us at 604-598-8887

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