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Extreme Cleanup In Cars

When traumatic events such as a car crash, pest infestation or the discovery of drug paraphernalia or residue, or other unfortunate events occur, the proper cleaning of vehicles belonging to you or your client may fall by the wayside. At 1st Trauma Scene Cleanup we offer extreme cleanup in cars for both ICBC and private insurance claims.

Where does 1st Trauma Scene Cleanup come in?

  • Drug Paraphernalia Our highly trained staff are experts in both the identification and decontamination of potentially hazardous residue in vehicles. We use specialty, commercial-grade supplies to safely and properly decontaminate the interior and exterior of any motor vehicle. Our employees also safely dispose of illegal substances to deter their redistribution back onto the streets.
  • Blood Cleanup When a serious crash, homicide or suicide has occurred in a vehicle if blood is present, it can pose a serious risk to anyone in close contact. Here at 1st Trauma Scene, we utilize safe and sanitary cleaning procedures that eliminate any active blood-borne pathogens. We use specialty supplies and commercial-grade equipment to clean and decontaminate even the worst messes.
  • What Else? In addition to our blood and drug cleanup, we also offer a wide array of additional services to vehicles that include removal of human waste, spoiled food, and vomit, as well as odour control, and rodent control


Why do insurance companies choose us?

At 1st Trauma Scene Cleanup, we provide safe and sanitary eradication of hazardous materials. We offer peace of mind that the job will get done right the first time. Our highly trained staff follow all safety protocols, so vehicles are returned free of any harmful substances.

If you’ve been in an accident or your vehicle has an affiliation with ICBC, your best course of action would be to go through your insurance. Contact your adjustor to request. All requests must come through ICBC for preferred rates. For private client and insurers requests please, contact our office directly. request information for processes and personalized quotes.

For further questions or to request service contact us today for a fast effective extreme cleanup in cars.

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