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What to Do When an Unattended Death Event is Discovered

An unattended death event in a building can be an incredibly distressing and traumatic experience for everyone involved. Whether you are a building manager or a concerned resident, knowing the appropriate steps to take is crucial to handling the situation with care and sensitivity. As a trauma scene cleanup company, we understand the emotional toll such incidents can have, and we are here to offer guidance on the necessary actions and support you may need during this difficult time.

Step 1: Ensure Safety and Notify Authorities
The first and most important step is to ensure your safety and the safety of others in the vicinity. If you come across an unattended death, immediately call emergency services to report the situation. The police and medical professionals will need to assess the situation and determine the cause of death. It is essential not to disturb the scene until authorities arrive and provide clearance.

Step 2: Notify Next of Kin or Emergency Contacts
If you are the building manager or a resident who knows the deceased personally, try to identify and inform their next of kin or emergency contacts as soon as possible. This will help the family make necessary arrangements and decisions during this challenging time.

Step 3: Show Respect and Empathy
As building managers or fellow residents, it is essential to approach the situation with respect and empathy. Recognize that an unattended death can be overwhelming for everyone involved, and emotions may be running high. Be considerate and supportive of those who the incident might affect.

Step 4: Contact Professional Trauma Scene Cleanup Services
Cleaning up the aftermath of an unattended death is a complex and hazardous task that requires specialized skills and equipment. As a trauma scene cleanup company, we are trained and experienced in handling such sensitive situations discreetly and compassionately.

Our trauma scene cleanup services include

    • Biohazard Cleanup: Safely and thoroughly removing blood, bodily fluids, and any biohazardous materials from the scene.
    • Odour Removal: Using advanced techniques to eliminate any lingering odours associated with the incident.
    • Sanitization and Disinfection: Ensuring the affected area is properly sanitized and disinfected to prevent potential health risks.
    • Safe Disposal: Properly disposing of biohazardous waste in compliance with local regulations.


Step 5: Seek Emotional Support
In the aftermath of an unattended death event, it is normal to experience a range of emotions such as grief, shock, and sadness. Seek emotional support from friends, family, or professional counsellors to help you cope with the situation.

An unattended death event is a distressing experience that requires compassionate and understanding support from everyone involved. By following the steps outlined above and contacting professional trauma scene cleanup services, you can ensure that the aftermath is handled with the utmost care and respect.

At 1st Trauma Scene Cleanup, we are here to offer our specialized services to help you navigate through this difficult time. Our experienced team is dedicated to providing discreet, compassionate, and thorough trauma scene cleanup, allowing you to focus on healing and recovery. Contact us for a free quote

Remember, you are not alone, and support is available to help you through this challenging period. Check out our youtube channel for videos on trauma scene cleanup.