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Pro Tips:

Usually rodent vehicles will require 2 visits from 1 st Trauma Scene Clean Up. The initial service will involve the use of HEPA filtered vacuum to remove rodent feces from surface and fabrics and then a wipe down of touch surfaces to sanitize those areas. This will make the vehicle safe to be worked on. We still recommend N95 masks (or better) and gloves be worn by your staff when working on rodent cars.

After the disassembly has been done and areas are more accessible you may uncover further contamination under the carpet, behind trim panels, or even behind the dash. As well as further chewing on plastics, wiring, and the padding on the backside of the trim panels. If further cleaning services are required on an ICBC claim let ICBC know to contact 1 st Trauma Scene Clean Up with the claim and shop info the same as before and request further cleaning services. In the case of third-party insurance billing, you can contact 1 st Trauma Scene Clean Up directly to set up a follow up cleaning service.

After the car has been pulled apart, cleaned and put back together some sort of deodorization treatment may be required. An overnight ozone treatment, or the like, should be sufficient for lingering smells. We can provide that service, or if you offer something similar you can do that.