Fingerprint powders are fine powders used in dusting for fingerprints by crime scene investigators and others in law enforcement. The process of dusting for fingerprints involves various methods intended to get the particles of the powder to adhere to the residue left by friction ridges of the skin.

This powder can be very messy due to its particulate size of less than 10 microns. The powder adheres to most anything and gets stuck in near microscopic nooks and crannies. It can cause damage to surfaces it comes into contact with.

Not surprisingly then, cleaning up this type of powder can be extremely tedious and requires great care. TSCU technicians are experts in removing all of the fingerprint powder. We work discretely to restore the site to its original condition.

In cleaning up any fingerprint powder, 1st Trauma Scene Clean Up will restore your space while following all Provincial and Federal cleanup regulations for disposal of any and all hazardous materials. To arrange for fingerprint powder cleanup, contact us today to make your appointment or give us a call at 1 (844) 598-3671.

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