Cleaning Up After Someone You Know Has Died

Dealing with the death of a family member can be traumatic, particularly when the fatality is unexpected, or is not a result of natural circumstances. Complicating matters further, you may find yourself confronted with the task of notifying relatives, coordinating funeral arrangements and carrying out the deceased’s last wishes. Any one of these tasks can be completely overwhelming.

Death Cleanup in Vancouver, British Columbia

It’s not uncommon to take several weeks to grasp what is happening, or even begin to think about resuming day-to-day activities in light of the recent events. This is why we take the necessary steps while cleaning up after a death to immediately restore the scene back to its original condition.

Sensitive & Discreet Biohazard Clean Up Service in Vancouver, BC

Maintaining our clients’ privacy is fundamental to all the services we provide at TSCU. Our goal is to always be sensitive and compassionate to every one of our customers’ needs. Consequently, all materials and photos generated from the trauma scene will remain confidential, and TSCU will not use them for promotional or advertising purposes.

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