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The war on drugs appears to be giving no truce to authorities, as the proliferation of illegal drug labs continues to increase in British Columbia and across Canada. Rental properties such as houses, apartments, townhouses, warehouses, and even businesses are frequently discovered to have been used as clandestine drug labs.

A property used as an illegal drug lab carries negative financial consequences as it may be off the market for an extended period of time. That is why hiring a company that guarantees the correct execution of the work in the shortest possible time is a decision that will help reduce the downtime of that rental unit in the market.
As the pioneer for the trauma and crime scene cleanup industry in BC, 1st Trauma Scene Clean Up has developed a methodical decontamination system that ensures complete clean-up of clandestine drug labs in the shortest time possible, allowing a fast return of units on the market.

What does the decontamination procedure entail?
When the police release the scene, the task of removing equipment, and chemical residues and decontaminating the property begins. Our focus is on the primary and secondary locations used for the production of drugs, which include:

In extreme cases of contamination, these items must be disposed of and replaced.
Following the completion of the clean-up, trauma scene clean-up technicians will inspect the premises to ensure the property is deemed safe for reentry.

Decontaminating a housing unit requires experienced, certified technicians, whose expertise in removing and cleaning up hazardous materials will ensure that the property can safely be occupied again. For more information about our services, please click here to send us an email or by phone at 604.598.8887

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