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The discovery of a trauma scene is never an easy circumstance to deal with, particularly for people who are very vulnerable to developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

People who have personally encountered or witnessed a traumatic incident, series of events, or set of circumstances are at increased risk of developing this mental health condition. The mental, physical, social, and/or spiritual well-being of an individual may be negatively impacted as a result of this, and the individual may view this as emotionally or physically hurtful or as a threat to their life. Some examples of traumatic events are natural disasters, major accidents, trauma scenes, rape or sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and bullying.

Unfortunately, Property managers sometimes need to deal with unpleasant situations, such as reminding renters to pay their rent or delivering eviction letters to tenants. On other occasions, critical circumstances emerge that require immediate attention, such as the discovery of a trauma scene such as a possible crime, suicide, homicide, or death that has occurred without anybody present.

As navigating through these challenging circumstances is never simple, we want to make available to you a concise guide that will explain the things that you should and should not do in the midst of these unfavorable occurrences.

In addition to returning the affected area to its previous condition, our primary objective is to help you regain access to the property by responding to the situation with discretion, empathy, comprehension, and professionalism. In this way, we hope to reduce the amount of stress that this situation causes to you, your staff and to other residents in the building.

1st Trauma Scene Clean Up is a team of professional technicians trained and equipped to handle, effectively remove, and properly dispose of bio-hazardous waste and infectious materials. Click here to reach out to us 24/7/365

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