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Are you suspicious that a Illicit drug lab lab is on your property? If yes, stay out of the area and get in touch with the police as quickly as you can.

Don’t make any attempt to approach or question the tenant about this matter in any way. They could have a hostile response, which would imply that the unit is most likely contaminated by whatever it is that they were exposed to.

There is no way to know for sure whether or not an illicit drug lab has produced hazardous waste, so the only people who should enter the affected property are qualified professionals who are prepared to deal with the dangerous material.

Methamphetamine is a restricted substance that falls under Schedule I. When the professionals come, they will start the certified cleaning method immediately after arriving at the scene. This will ensure that any potentially hazardous substances that were used are completely removed from the property and do not pose a threat to the health of anyone who resides there or is in close proximity to it.

When cleaning up after a Illicit drug lab lab, the primary and secondary sites of contamination are prioritized, respectively. The primary locations of contamination are the cooking area, which may have any and all surfaces, including walls, floors, and ceilings, as well as any and all furniture, contaminated.

The term “main areas of contamination” also refers to disposal areas, which include things like sinks, toilets, septic tanks, fans, vents, and storm and sewer systems.

Secondary sources of contamination are considered any places of storage that may have stored chemicals either before or after the cooking process and need to be thoroughly cleaned as well. Other rooms, hallways, and common areas close to the laboratory that may have been contaminated.

The cleanup of an illicit drug lab must be performed by a company that is trained and equipped to deal with dangerous materials. 1st Trauma Scene Clean Up specializes in drug lab decontamination that neutralizes toxic and hazardous chemicals used in the manufacturing of illegal drug labs.

They will secure the location for the police inquiry, and once they have been given permission by the authorities, they will safely remove the chemicals and equipment from the site, as well as protect it against trespassers.

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